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4:40am 10-05-2007
Have you seen this? NaStudio , Internet & Mafia:
3:12pm 07-08-2007
Pamela C Holyfield
]Hello Danny,
I love your music, it feels as though my spirit is free and frozen for a moment. God blessed you with a lovely voice. I would like to ask you if you would consider singing a song using my poetry? Thank-you for sharing your gift with the world. I'm blessed to have you as my friend. God connects people together for a reason and with purpose.
Keep singing, keep sharing! May the Lord keep blessing you and keeping you safe...
Your friend, Pamela " islandgirl"
9:51pm 05-23-2007
Wow.... long, long, time no see, hear, been over here or any where else, for that matter....... so sorry... been on like double double overtime for 9-10 months now. whew... feel every bit of it too... Need to get off to Hawaii again.. ha ha ha.. been too long for that as well.... Hoping with complete sincerity all is going excellent for you & yours. Page is fantastic. Please, stay safe... take care.. Keep doing exactly as you do... sincerely, Lynn [SurfsUpCaliGal}../../
2:19am 03-20-2007
Hi to you both, I love your home page it so wonderful and bright. In the last week or so i had a problem getting onto your home page? it was very slow loading your home page, finally I`m here now. Thank you for nice the comment and to be thinking about me. I think some of that luck came to me,
1:46pm 03-08-2007
Terrance Cook
Congratulations on your new Show.. I can't wait to see the performance later this year.. Take care and the Best of luck to you and your beauitful Wife!
5:17pm 01-04-2007
Nancy - 2006-11-10 1

God is good always. May your Friday be blessed!
George Winston - Remembrance Play George Winston Remembrance
5:15pm 01-04-2007
@lucila@ - 2006-11-

Have a wonderful weekend!!!
5:13pm 01-04-2007
Karen Bouchard Class
5:12pm 01-04-2007
Anthea - 2006-11-07

Aloha Lea, just passing by and thinking of you, anthea S.
5:09pm 01-04-2007
Harley Eagle Lady -
5:08pm 01-04-2007
Katia Castro - 2006-

Thanks for your friendship!
5:06pm 01-04-2007
Cindy - 2006-11-07 0

Thank you for your posts. Hope you are doing well this week
5:04pm 01-04-2007
Tina - 2006-11-06 20
5:01pm 01-04-2007
Sarah - 2006-12-09 0
5:00pm 01-04-2007
Joanna - 2006-12-08

God Bless you and your family on Christmas and always.
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